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EMCCDs Article Electron Multiplying Charge-Coupled Devices (EMCCDs)

By incorporating on-chip multiplication gain, the electron multiplying CCD achieves, in an all solid-state sensor, the single-photon detection sensitivity typical of intensified or electron-bombarded CCDs at much lower cost and without compromising the quantum efficiency and resolution characteristics of the conventional CCD structure.

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ORCA-R2 Digital Video Gallery

Fox Lung (FoLu) Cells with mEmerald-H2B and mCherry-Mitochondria

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Mitochondria typically exhibit an oblong form and range in size between 1 and 10 micrometers in length. The organelles exhibit significant flexibility, however, and when live cells are examined it quickly becomes clear that mitochondria are almost continuously shifting shape and moving throughout the cytosol. Mitochondrial movement appears to be associated with the cellular network of microtubules. The dynamic activity of mitochondria was visualized in the digital video sequences presented in this section with mCherry fused to a mitochondrial targeting signal. The cell nucleus was targeted with a mEmerald-H2B fusion.