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EMCCDs Article Electron Multiplying Charge-Coupled Devices (EMCCDs)

By incorporating on-chip multiplication gain, the electron multiplying CCD achieves, in an all solid-state sensor, the single-photon detection sensitivity typical of intensified or electron-bombarded CCDs at much lower cost and without compromising the quantum efficiency and resolution characteristics of the conventional CCD structure.

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ORCA-R2 Digital Video Gallery

Fox Lung (FoLu) Cells with mEmerald-Mitochondria and mCherry-Rab11a

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Rab11a is one of the most studied of the Rab family of proteins. Research suggests that in addition to being generally involved in vesicle docking and associated with cytoskeletal actin, Rab11a plays specific roles in transferrin and polymeric IgA receptor recycling. Many proteins that interact with Rab11a have already been identified. One Rab11a interacting protein of particular interest is myosin Vb, a myosin that is unusual for its lack of motor and neck domains. Myosin Vb is thought to function in the transfer of vesicles out of the endosome-to-plasma membrane recycling pathway. The fox lung cells appearing in the digital video sequences in this section are shown expressing a mCherry-Rab11a fusion tag, while mitochondria were visualized with mEmerald fused to a mitochondrial targeting signal.